1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #32

Welcome back. This is the 32nd post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “다니다, 내일, 회사, 맛, 날” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 다니다, 내일, 회사, 맛, 날


156. 다니다 [da-ni-da] – to go, to commute

– 다니다 [da-ni-da] means “to go” or “to commute”. It refers to the act of travelling from one place to another, often indicating regular movement, such as going to school or work.
– 다녀가다 [da-nyeo-ga-da] means “to pass by” or “to stop by”. It suggests a brief visit to a place.
– 다녀오다 [da-nyeo-o-da] means “to go and come back”, suggesting a round trip.

Example sentences:

어디 다니세요? Where do you commute to?
곧 다녀갈게요. I’ll come by soon.
바로 다녀올게요. I’ll go and come back right away.


157. 내일 [nae-il] – tomorrow

– 내일 [nae-il] means “tomorrow”. It refers to the day after the current day.

Example sentences:

내일 봐요! See you tomorrow!
(*내일 봐요 is a friendly way of saying “See you tomorrow!”.)


158. 회사 [hoe-sa] – company, workplace

– 회사 [hoe-sa] refers to a “company” or “workplace” where people work or do business.

Example sentences:

회사에서 일하고 있어요. I’m working at the company.


159. 맛 [mat] – taste, flavor

– 맛 [mat] refers to the “taste” or “flavor” of food or drink.
– 맛있다 [ma-si-tta] means “to be delicious” or “to be tasty”.

Example sentences:

이 음식 맛이 어때요? How does this food taste?
참 맛있다! How delicious!


160. 날 [nal] – day

– 날 [nal] means “day”. It refers to a 24-hour period of time.

Example sentence:

이런 날에는 집에서 영화를 봐요. On days like this, I watch movies at home.


Grammar & Study Resources

Adding ‘-고 있다’ to a verb stem indicates that the action is in progress.
For example :
자다 -> 자고 있어요
일하다 -> 일하고 있어요

When negating, ‘안’ can be added before ‘Verb stem + 고 있다’.
For example :
자고 있어요 -> 안 자고 있어요
일하고 있어요 -> 일 안하고 있어요

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