1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #68

Welcome back. This is the 68th post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “꿈, 구하다, 잠, 여러, 저녁” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 꿈, 구하다, 잠, 여러, 저녁


336. 꿈 [kkum] – dream

– 꿈 [kkum] refers to a dream experienced during sleep or a cherished desire or goal.
– 꿈꾸다 [kkum-kku-da] means ‘to dream’, referring to the act of experiencing dreams during sleep or having aspirations.

Example sentences:

그녀는 큰 꿈을 가지고 있어요. She has big dreams.
난 꿈꾸고 있는 것 같아. I feel like I’m dreaming.


337. 구하다 [gu-ha-da] – to seek, to save

– 구하다 [gu-ha-da] can mean both “to seek” or “to look for” something or someone and “to save” or “to rescue” someone from danger.

Example sentences:

도움을 구하려고 여기에 왔어요. I came here to seek help.
저 분이 물에 빠진 소녀를 구했어요. He saved the drowning girl.


338. 잠 [jam] – sleep

– 잠 [jam] refers to sleep, the state of being unconscious during rest.
– 잠들다 [jam-deul-da] means “to go to sleep” or “to fall asleep”.

Example sentences:

잠을 자고 일어났어요. I slept and then woke up.
너무 피곤해서 저도 모르게 잠들었어요. I was so tired that I fell asleep before I knew it.


339. 여러 [yeo-reo] – several, various

– 여러 [yeo-reo] means ‘several’ or ‘various’, indicating a number of different things or options.

Example sentence:

여러 가지 옷을 선택할 수 있어요. You can choose from various clothes.


340. 저녁 [jeo-nyeok] evening, dinner

– 저녁 [jeo-nyeok] refers to the evening or nighttime part of the day. It can also refer to dinner, the evening meal.

Example sentence:

저녁 식사 함께 하실래요? Would you like to have dinner together?
저녁 드셨어요? Have you had dinner?


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