Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #2 – 이, 그, 저

Korean words for this, that, that over there : 이, 그, 저


Let’s learn Korean words for this, that, that over there with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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이, 그, 저 are the most common demonstrative adjectives in Korean.
이 means ‘this (near you)’, 그 means ‘the / that (near the other person)’ and 저 means ‘that (over there)’.
이, 그, 저 are always followed by a noun and are used to refer to things or people.
To use 이, 그, and 저 as pronouns, 거/것 (thing) needs to be added after these words.


[i] this

이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어
i a-peum eop-sin nan a-mu ui-mi-ga eop-seo
I’m nothing without this pain

*이(this) +
아픔(pain) +
없인(without) +
난(나(I) + 는(topic particle), =난) +
아무(any/no) +
의미(meaning) + 가(subject particle) +
없어(there isn’t)
(*난 is a shortened form of 나는.)


[geu] that

그 눈빛이 아직 나를 이렇게 설레게 해
geu nun-bi-chi a-jik na-reul i-reo-ke seol-le-ge hae
That look in your eyes still makes me so excited

*그(that) +
눈(eye) + 빛(light) + 이(subject particle) +
아직(still) +
나(I) + 를(object particle) +
이렇게(like this) +
설레게 해(설레다(excite) + ~게 하다(make, let))


[jeo] that, that over there

저 고요한 달빛에 잠 못 드는 밤
jeo go-yo-han dal-bi-che jam mot deu-neun bam
Sleepless nights in that silent moonlight

*저(that) +
고요한(고요하다(silent) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
달(moon) + 빛(light) + 에(in) +
잠(sleep) +
못(not) + 드는(들다(enter, go into) + ㄴ(noun modifier) = 드는) +
밤 (night)
(*들다 means to lift, to enter. 잠들다 means to fall asleep.)


Grammar Reference

*Noun + ~이/가 : noun + subject particle
ex)의미가 : 의미(meaning) + 가(subject particle)
눈빛이 : 눈(eye) + 빛(light) + 이(subject particle)
이 for nouns ending in a consonant, 가 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~은/는 : noun + topic particle
ex)난 : 나(I) + 는(topic particle)
은 for nouns ending in a consonant, 는 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~을/를 : noun + object particle
ex)나를 : 나(I) + 를(object particle)
을 for nouns ending in a consonant, 를 for nouns ending in a vowel. 나를 can be abbreviated to 날.

*Adjective[verb] stem + ㄴ/은/는/을 + noun : noun that adjective[verb]
ex)고요한 달빛 : 고요하다(silent) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) + 달(moon) + 빛(light)
잠 못 드는 밤 : 잠(sleep) + 못(not) + 들다(enter, go into) + ㄴ(noun modifier) + 밤 (night)
ㄴ/은/는/을 is added to verbs and adjectives to make them work as noun modifiers.

*Noun + ~에 : at [on, in, to, into]
ex)달빛에 : 달(moon) + 빛(light) + 에(in)

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