Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #25 – 다, 모든, 전부, 아무

Korean words for all, every, any : 다, 모든, 전부, 아무


Let’s learn Korean words for all, every, any with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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[da] all, almost

다 필요 없어, 주인공은 우리
da pi-ryo eop-sseo, ju-in-gong-eun u-ri
We need nothing, we are the protagonists

*다(all) +
필요(need) +
없어(don’t exist) +
주인공(protagonist) + 은(topic particle) +


모든 [mo-deun] all, every, whole, entire

네 모든 게 오글거려
ne mo-deun ge o-geul-geo-ryeo
Everything about you makes me cringe

*네(너(you) + 의(of), =네) +
모든(every) +
게(것(thing) + 이(subject particle), =게) +


전부 [jeon-bu] all, everything

내 전부를 너란 세상에 다 던지고 싶어
nae jeon-bu-reul neo-ran se-sang-e da deon-ji-go si-peo
I want to throw everything I have into the world that is you

*내(나(I) + 의(of), =내) +
전부(everything) + 를(object particle) +
너(you) + (이)란(이다(be) + ~라는(known as), =(이)란) +
세상(world) + 에(into) +
다(all) +
던지고 싶어(던지다(throw) + ~고 싶다(want to))
(*The word ‘전부’ is actually a combination of Chinese characters. ‘전’ (jeon) means ‘complete’ or ‘all’ and ‘부’ (bu) means ‘part’ or ‘section’.
As a result, ‘전부’ combines these two characters to convey the meaning of ‘completely all’ or ‘everything in its entirety’. This phrase is used to indicate that something includes all parts within a certain scope or set, and encompasses the entirety of something, whether it’s all parts or sections.
~고 싶다 is used to express the speaker’s wishes.)


아무 [a-mu] any, no, anyone, no one

아무 말 하지 마
a-mu mal ha-ji ma
Don’t say anything

*아무(any) +
말(word) +
하지 마 (하다(do) + ~지 마(do not))


Grammar Reference

*Verb stem + ~ 고 싶다 : want to
ex)던지고 싶어 : 던지다(throw) + ~고 싶다(want to)
~고 싶다 is used to express a speaker’s wishes.

*Verb stem + ~지 마(요/세요) : don’t (negative commands)
ex)하지 마 : 하다(do) + ~지 마(do not)
Verb stem + ~지 마세요 : please don’t
~지 마(요/세요) (-ji ma(yo/seyo)) is the grammatical structure used to tell someone not to do something.

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