Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #28 – 더, ~보다, ~만큼, ~처럼

Korean words for more, than, like, as, as…as : 더, ~보다, ~만큼, ~처럼


Let’s learn Korean words for more, than, like, as, as…as with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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[deo] more, further, farther

난 더 이상 혼자가 낯설지 않아
nan deo i-sang hon-ja-ga nat-seol-ji a-na
I’m no longer a stranger to being alone

*난(나(I) + 는(topic particle), =난) +
더(more) + 이상(above) +
혼자(alone) + 가(subject particle) +
낯설지 않아(낯설다(be strange) + ~지 않다(can’t))


~보다 [bo-da] more, than

나보다 나은 사람 만나 행복해
na-bo-da na-eun sa-ram man-na haeng-bo-kae
You must meet someone better than me and be happy

*나(I) + 보다(than) +
나은(낫다(be better) + 은(noun modifier)) +
사람(people) +
만나(meet and, =만나서) +
행복(happiness) + 해(do)
(*In some cases, nouns can be turned into verbs by simply adding the verb 하다 (to do, to be).
하다 [hada] (to do) is the dictionary form and there are several conjugations of 하다 in Korean.
1)해라[haera] 2)해[hae] 3)해요[haeyo] 4)하십시오[hasipsio]
해요, 해 are informal and are usually used in everyday conversation.
The politeness level is 1 < 2 < 3 < 4.
해요, 해 can both be used as imperative or declarative depending on the context.)


~만큼 [man-keum] like, as, as…as

다른 사람들만큼‬ ‪뛰기도 힘들어요
da-reun sa-ram-deul-man-keum‬ ‪ttwi-gi-do him-deu-reo-yo
I can’t run as fast as other people

다른(다르다(be different) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
사람(people) + 들(plural suffix) + 만큼(as) +
뛰기도(뛰다(run) + ~기 + 도(too)) +
힘들어요(be hard)
(*Adding ~기 to a verb stem makes the verb a noun.)


~처럼 [cheo-reom] like, as

바람처럼 스쳐가는 흔한 인연이 아니길
ba-ram-cheo-reom seu-chyeo-ga-neun heu-nan i-nyeo-ni a-ni-gil
I hope it’s not a common fate, passing like the wind

*바람(wind) + 처럼(like) +
스쳐가는(스쳐가다(pass) + 는(noun modifier) +
흔한(흔하다(be common) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
인연(fate) + 이(subject particle) +
아니길(아니다(not) + ~기를(I wish, = ~길)


Grammar Reference

*Noun + 보다 (더) : (comparison) than noun
ex)나보다 : 나(I) + 보다(than)
더 means more, so ‘보다 더’ means ‘more than’, and 덜 means less, so ‘보다 덜’ means ‘less than’.

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