Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #3 – 것, 거, 게, 건, 걸

Korean words for thing, stuff : 것, 거, 게, 건, 걸


Let’s learn Korean words for thing, stuff with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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것 is the most common dependent noun in Korean and means thing.
거 is shortened form of 것 and 게 is a shortened form of 것이(것+이(subject marker)).
건 is a shortened form of 것은(것+은(topic marker)) and 걸 is a shortened form of 것을(것+을(object marker)).


[geot] thing, stuff

마지막 사랑인 것처럼
ma-ji-mak sa-rang-in geot-cheo-reom
As if it’s our last love

*마지막(the last) +
사랑인(사랑(love) + 이다(be) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
것(thing) + 처럼(like)


[geo] thing, stuff

그게 당연한 거야
geu-ge dang-yeo-nan geo-ya
That’s a given

*그(that) + 게(것(thing) + 이(subject marker), =게) +
당연한(당연하다 + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
거야(것(thing) + 이야(be, =이다), =거야)


[ge] thing, stuff

그게 너다워
geu-ge neo-da-wo
That’s you

*그(that) + 게(것(thing) + 이(subject marker), =게) +
너(you) + 다워(be like)


[geon] thing, stuff

잃을 건 없잖아
il-eul geon eop-ja-ha
There’s nothing to lose

*잃을(잃다(lose) + 을(noun modifier for future tense verb)) +
건(것(thing)+은(topic marker), =건) +
없잖아(없다(don’t have) ~잖아(as you know))
(*~잖아(요) reminds the listener of something or rebukes the listener indirectly.
~잖아(요) is the same as ‘as you know’, ‘didn’t I say that~’ in English.)


[geol] thing, stuff

지금 당장 많은 걸 바라는 게 아냐
ji-geum dang-jang ma-neun geol ba-ra-neun ge a-nya
I’m not expecting much at the moment

*지금(now) + 당장(right now) +
많은(많다(much) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
걸(것(thing)+을(object marker),=걸) +
바라는(바라다(want) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
게(것(thing) + 이(subject marker), =게) +
(*This sentence has no subject.
It’s important to note that while English sentences require a subject, Korean sentences often omit the subject.
The omitted subject can be identified in the context of the dialogue or writing.)


Grammar Reference

것 is the most common dependent noun in Korean.
As the name ‘dependent noun’ suggests, it cannot be used alone, but always in conjunction with modifiers.
ex) 그게 당연한 거야 (O)
게 당연한 거야 (X)

To use 이, 그, and 저 as pronouns, 거/것 (thing) can be added after these words.

이것 그것 저것
거 (=것) 이거 그거 저거
게 (=것이) 이게 그게 저게
건 (=것은) 이건 그건 저건
걸 (=것을) 이걸 그걸 저걸


이것(this thing), 그것(that thing), 저것(that thing) can also be combined with common Korean particles.

이/가 은/는 을/를
이것 이것이 (=이게) 이것은 (=이건) 이것을 (=이걸)
그것 그것이 (=그게) 그것은 (=그건) 그것을 (=그걸)
저것 저것이 (=저게) 저것은 (=저건) 저것을 (=저걸)

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