Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #33 – 사람, 여자, 남자

Korean words for person, woman, man : 사람, 여자, 남자


Let’s learn Korean words for person, woman, man with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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사람 [sa-ram] person, people

잠깐 왔다 떠난 사람들처럼 그냥 우린 아니었던 거지 뭐
jam-kkan wat-da tteo-nan sa-ram-deul-cheo-reom geu-nyang u-rin a-ni-eot-deon geo-ji mwo
Like people who came and went for a while, I guess we just weren’t meant to be

*잠깐(for a while) +
왔다(came) +
떠난(떠나다(leave) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
사람(people) + 들(plural suffix) + 처럼(like) +
그냥(just) +
우린(우리(we) + 는(topic particle), =우린) +
아니었던(아니다(be not) + 었던(noun modifier for past tense)) +
거지(것(thing) + 이다(be)) +
(*Verb stem + ~던 is used to recall a past action or habit that has been repeated often or is still present.
Verb stem + ~았/었던 is used to recall a past event that has not continued into the present.
뭐 is usually the shortened form of 무엇. 무엇 is a noun and 뭐 is an adverb or a noun.
뭐 can also mean ‘you know’, in which case it means that the situation can’t be changed.)


여자 [yeo-ja] woman

별 볼 일 없는 네 주위의 여자
byeol bol il eop-neun ne ju-wi-ui yeo-ja
The woman around you who’s nothing special

*별(particular) +
볼(보다(see) + ㄹ(noun modifier)) +
일(work) +
없는(없다(don’t have) + 는(noun modifier)) +
네(너(you) + 의(of), =네) +
주위(surroundings) + 의(of) +


남자 [nam-ja] man

너란 남자 딱 그 정도
neo-ran nam-ja ttak geu jeong-do
You’re just that kind of man

*너(you) + (이)란(이다(be) + ~라는(known as), =(이)란) +
남자(man) +
딱(exactly) +
그(that) +


Grammar Reference

The most common Korean particles are listed below.
Subject particle: 이 / 가
Topic particle: 은 / 는
Object particle: 을 / 를
이, 은, 을 for nouns ending with a consonant, 가, 는, 를 for nouns ending with a vowel.

이/가 은/는 을/를
사람 사람이 사람은 사람을
여자 여자가 여자는 여자를
남자 남자가 남자는 남자를

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