Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #36 – 또, 다시, 자꾸, 점점

Korean words for again, again and again, gradually : 또, 다시, 자꾸, 점점


Let’s learn Korean words for again, again and again, gradually with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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[tto] again, once more

또 왜 이래?
tto wae i-rae?
What is this again?

*또(again) +
왜(why) +
이래? (be like this?)


다시 [da-si] again, once more

다시 캄캄한 이곳에 light up the sky
da-si kam-ka-man i-go-se light up the sky
Again, in this dark place, light up the sky

*다시(again) +
캄캄한(캄캄하다(be dark) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
이(this) + 곳(place) + 에(at) +
light up the sky


자꾸 [ja-kku] repeatedly, again and again

너 뭔데 자꾸 생각나?
neo mwon-de ja-kku saeng-gak-na?
Who are you to make me keep thinking of you?

*너(you) +
뭔데(뭐(what) + 인데(but), =뭔데) +
자꾸(again and again) +
생각나(bring to mind)
(*뭐 is the shortened form of 무엇. 무엇 is a noun and 뭐 is an adverb or a noun.
무슨 also means ‘what’, but it’s an adjective, so you can use it if you have a noun after it.)


점점 [jeom-jeom] gradually, increasingly

내 심장이 빠르게 뛰잖아. 점점 가까이 들리잖아
nae sim-jang-i ppa-reu-ge ttwi-ja-na. jeom-jeom ga-kka-i deul-li-ja-na
My heart is beating fast. I hear it getting closer and closer

*내(나(I) + 의(of), =내) +
심장(heart) + 이(subject particle) +
빠르게(fast) +
뛰잖아(뛰다(run) + ~잖아(as you know)) +
점점(gradually) +
가까이(nearby) +
들리잖아(들리다(be heard) + ~잖아(as you know))
(*Adjective stem + ~게 makes an adjective an adverb, and 빠르게 is an adverb.
들리다 is the passive voice of 듣다. And 들리다 is used to say that someone can hear something.
~잖아(요) reminds the listener of something or rebukes the listener indirectly.
~잖아(요) is the same as ‘as you know’, ‘didn’t I say that~’ in English.)


Grammar Reference

*Adjective[verb] stem + ㄴ/은/는/을 + noun : noun that adjective[verb]
ex)캄캄한 이곳: 캄캄하다(be dark) + ㄴ(noun modifier) + 이(this) + 곳(place)
ㄴ/은/는/을 is added to verbs and adjectives to make them work as noun modifiers.

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