Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #38 – 혹시, 만약, 아마

Korean words for if, perhaps : 혹시, 만약, 아마


Let’s learn Korean words for if, perhaps with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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혹시 [hok-si] if, perhaps

혹시 나 좋아하면 말해
hok-si na jo-a-ha-myeon mal-hae
Tell me if you like me

*혹시(if) +
나(를)(me) +
좋아하면(좋아하다(like) + ~면(if)) +
말해(말(talk) + 하다(do))
(*In some cases, nouns can be turned into verbs by simply adding the verb 하다 (to do, to be).
하다 [hada] (to do) is the dictionary form and there are several conjugations of 하다 in Korean.
1)해라[haera] 2)해[hae] 3)해요[haeyo] 4)하십시오[hasipsio]
해요, 해 are informal and are usually used in everyday conversation.
The politeness level is 1 < 2 < 3 < 4.
해요, 해 can both be used as imperative or declarative depending on the context.)


만약 [ma-nyak] if, in case

만약에 내가 널 지우게 된다면 So sorry
man-ya-ge nae-ga neol ji-u-ge doen-da-myeon So sorry
If I end up forgetting you So sorry

*만약에(if) +
내가(나(I) + 가(subject particle), =내가) +
널(너(you) + 를(object particle), =널) +
지우게 된다면(지우다(delete) + ~게 되다(made to become) + ~면(if))
So sorry


아마 [a-ma] maybe, perhaps

아마 들리겠지 머지않아
a-ma deul-li-get-ji meo-ji-a-na
Maybe you can hear it soon

*아마(maybe) +
들리겠지(들리다(be heard) + ~겠지(future tense))+
(*들리다 is the passive voice of 듣다. And 들리다 is used to say that someone can hear something.)


Grammar Reference

*~(으)면/~다면/~(이)라면/~면 : if (hypothetical)
ex)좋아하면 : 좋아하다(like) + ~면(if)
지우게 된다면 : 지우다(delete) + ~게 되다(made to become) + ~면(if)

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