Learn Korean with BLACKPINK #45 – 혼자, 홀로, 함께, 같이

Korean words for alone, together : 혼자, 홀로, 함께, 같이


Let’s learn Korean words for alone, together with BLACKPINK lyrics.
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혼자 [hon-ja] alone, by oneself

혼자가 편해
hon-ja-ga pyeon-hae
I’m comfortable alone

*혼자(alone) + 가(subject particle) +
편해(be comfortable)


홀로 [hol-lo] alone, by oneself

홀로인 게 좋아, 난 나다워야 하니까
hol-lo-in ge jo-a, nan na-da-wo-ya ha-ni-kka
I like being alone, because I need to be true to myself

*홀로인(홀로(alone) + 이다(be) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
게(것(thing) + 이(subject particle), =게) +
좋아(like) +
난(나(I) + 는(topic particle), =난) +
나다워야(나(I) + 답다(be like) + ~ 어야(must)) +
하니까(하다(do) + ~니까(because))
(*~아/어야 하다 expresses that you have to do one thing in order to do another.)


함께 [ham-kke] together

너와 함께라면 난 I could die in this moment
neo-wa ham-kke-ra-myeon nan I could die in thit moment
I could die in this moment if I’m with you

*너(you) + 와(with) +
함께(together) + 라면(if) +
난(나(I) + 는(topic particle), =난) +
I could die in this moment


같이 [ga-chi] together

오직 너와 같이 하고파
o-jik neo-wa ga-chi ha-go-pa
I only wanna be with you

*오직(only) +
너(you) + 와(with) +
같이(together) +
하고파(하다(do) + ~고파(want to))
(*~고파, ~고프다, ~ 고 싶다 is used to express the speaker’s wishes.)


Grammar Reference

*Noun + ~와/과 : with, and
ex)너와 : 너(you) + 와(with)
과 for nouns ending in a consonant, 와 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*~면, ~으면, ~다면, ~(이)라면 : if (hypothetical)
ex)함께라면 : 함께(together) + ~라면(if)

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