Learn Korean with BTS #11 – 차다, 찾다, 처음, 최고, 춤, 친구

Basic Korean words beginning with the consonant ㅊ([chi-eut], [ch] sound)


Let’s learn Korean words 차다, 찾다, 처음, 최고, 춤, 친구 with BTS lyrics.
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Learn Korean with BTS


차다 [cha-da] to kick, to dump


ⒷⓉⓈ 죄 없는 이불만 차
joe eop-neun i-bul-man cha
I keep kicking my innocent blankets

*죄(guilty) + 없는(없다(not exist)+ 는(noun modifier)) +
이불(blanket) + 만(only) +
(*이불을 차다[이불 킥] means to kick one’s own blanket in embarrassment.)


차다 [cha-da] to be full (of)


ⒷⓉⓈ 널 만난 날 다음 날 후회로 가득 차
neol man-nan nal da-eum nal hu-hoe-ro ga-deuk cha
The day I met you, the day after I was full of regrets

*널(너(you) + 를(object particle), =널) +
만난(만나다(meet) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +
날(day) +
다음(next) +
날(day) +
후회(regret) + 로(with) +
가득(full) + 차(filled)


찾다 [chat-tta] to find, to look for


ⒷⓉⓈ 난 지금도 나를 또 찾고 있어
nan ji-geum-do na-reul tto chat-ggo i-sseo
I’m still looking for myself

*난(나(I) + 는(topic particle), =난) +
지금(now) + 도(an auxiliary that includes something already and adds to it) +
나(I) + 를(object particle) +
또(again) +
찾고 있어 (찾다(seek) + ~고 있어(present progressive))
(*Adding ‘~고 있다’ to a verb stem shows the action is in progress.)


처음 [cheo-eum] beginning, for the first time


ⒷⓉⓈ 너를 처음 본 순간
neo-reul cheo-eum bon sun-gan
The moment I first saw you

*너(you) + 를(object particle) +
처음(first) +
본(보다(see) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) +


최고 [choe-go] (the) best


ⒷⓉⓈ 머리부터 발끝까지 최고
meo-ri-bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji choe-go
From your head to your toes, you’re the best

*머리(head) + 부터(from) +
발(foot) +
끝(end) + 까지(until) +
최고(the best)
(*까지 after a place name means ‘up to the end of a certain area’.
‘~에서’ or ‘~부터’ means ‘from’ and ‘~까지’ means ‘to’ or ‘until’.
최 can be a prefix meaning ‘the most, the best’.
The word ‘최고’ (choe-go) is actually a combination of Chinese characters. ‘최’ (choe) means ‘most’ or ‘utmost’ and ‘고’ (go) means ‘high’ or ‘elevated’. Therefore, ‘최고’ means the highest level or state, and it is a word formed by combining these characters.)


[chum] dance


ⒷⓉⓈ 춤을 춤을 춤을 춰봐
chu-meul chu-meul chu-meul chwo-bwa
Dance, dance, dance

*춤(dance) + 을(object particle) +
춤(dance) + 을(object particle) +
춤(dance) + 을(object particle) +
춰봐(추다(dance) + 어 보다(try))
(*’Verb + 아/어 보다’ expresses trying or experiencing an action. It is the same as ‘try’ in English.
춤추다 is a verb form of 춤.)


친구 [chin-gu] friend


ⒷⓉⓈ 나도 친구가 있음 좋잖아
na-do chin-gu-ga i-sseum jo-cha-na
It’s good that I have a friend, too

*나(I) + 도(too) +
친구(friend) + 가(subject particle) +
있음(있다(exist) + 으면(a connective ending used when speaking hypothetically)) +
좋잖아(좋다(good) + 잖아(as you know))
(*~잖아(요) reminds the listener of something or rebukes the listener indirectly.
~잖아(요) is the same as ‘as you know’, ‘didn’t I say that~’ in English.)


Grammar Reference

*Adjective[verb] stem + ㄴ/은/는/을 + noun : noun that adjective[verb]
ex)죄 없는 이불 : 죄(guilty) + 없는(없다(not exist)+ 는(noun modifier)) + 이불(blanket)
만난 날 : 만난(만나다(meet) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) + 날(day)
본 순간 : 본(보다(see) + ㄴ(noun modifier)) + 순간(moment)
ㄴ/은/는/을 is added to verbs and adjectives to allow them to function as noun modifiers

*Noun + 로/으로 : with [towards, to, by, through] noun
ex)후회로 : 후회(regret) + 로(with)
으로 for nouns ending in a consonant, 로 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~도 : also, too
ex)나도 : 나(I) + 도(too)

*Noun + ~만 : only
ex)이불만 : 이불(blanket) + 만(only)

*Noun + ~이/가 : noun + subject particle
ex)친구가 : 친구(friend) + 가(subject particle)
이 for nouns ending in a consonant, 가 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~은/는 : noun + topic particle
ex)난 : 나(I) + 는(topic particle)
은 for nouns ending in a consonant, 는 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~을/를 : noun + object particle
ex)나를 : 나(I) + 를(object particle)
너를 : 너(you) + 를(object particle)
춤을 : 춤(dance) + 을(object particle)
을 for nouns ending in a consonant, 를 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*A에서 [부터] B 까지 : from A to B
ex)머리부터 발끝까지 : 머리(head) + 부터(from) + 발(foot) + 끝(end) + 까지(until)


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