Learn Korean with BTS #19 – 싸움, 싹, 쓰다, 쓰러지다, 쓸데없다, 씨

Basic Korean words beginning with the consonant ㅆ([ssang-si-ot], [ss] sound)


Let’s learn Korean words 싸움, 싹, 쓰다, 쓰러지다, 쓸데없다, 씨 with BTS lyrics.
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Learn Korean with BTS


싸움 [ssa-um] fight


ⒷⓉⓈ 새 기록은 자신과 싸움이지
sae gi-ro-geun ja-sin-gwa ssa-u-mi-ji
The new record is the fight against oneself

*새(new) +
기록(record) + 은(topic particle) +
자신(oneself) + 과(with) +
싸움(fight) + 이지(to be, = 이다)


[ssak] completely


ⒷⓉⓈ 싹 다 불태워라
ssak da bul-tae-wo-ra
Set everything on fire

*싹(completely) +
다(all) +
불태워라(불태우다(burn) + ~어라(an imperative ending suffix))


[ssak] sprout


ⒷⓉⓈ 아, 노랗구나 싹수가
a no-rat-ku-na ssak-su-ga
Ah, you really don’t have a chance[prospect]

*아(Ah) +
노랗구나(노랗다(to be yellow) + ~구나(to be)) +
싹수(sprout) + 가(subject particle)
(*싹수 is a derivative of 싹, and ‘싹수가 없다’ means ‘don’t have a chance[prospect].
~는군(요), ~군(요), ~는구나, and ~구나 are used with verbs to express the speaker’s realization or surprise when learning or realizing something for the first time.)


쓰다 [sseu-da] to wear, to put on


ⒷⓉⓈ 또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가
tto ga-myeo-neul sseu-go neol man-na-reo ga
I wear a mask again and go to see you

*또 (again) +
가면(mask) + 을(object mark) +
쓰고(쓰다(wear, put on) + ~고(and)) +
널(너(you) + 를(object particle)) +
만나러(만나다(meet) + ~러(in order to)) +


쓰다 [sseu-da] to write


ⒷⓉⓈ 편지라도 써야 될런지?
pyeon-ji-ra-do sseo-ya doel-leon-ji
Should I write you a letter?

*편지(letter) + 라도(even) +
써야 될런지(쓰다(write) + ~어야 되다(must) + ~ㄹ지)?
(*’~아야/어야 되다’ means ‘should’, ‘ought to’ or ‘must’.
‘~아야/어야 하다’ is also used at the end of a sentence to indicate that something ‘must’ be done.
~ㄹ지 is a connective ending used when you have a doubt about a certain assumption and relate it to the fact or judgement of the following statement.)


쓰러지다 [sseu-reo-ji-da] to fall, to collapse


ⒷⓉⓈ 또 다시 쓰러진대도 난 괜찮아
tto da-si sseu-reo-jin-dae-do nan gwaen-cha-na
Even if I fall down again, I’m fine

*또(again) +
다시(again) +
쓰러진대도(쓰러지(다)(fall down) + ~ㄴ대도(even if)) +
난(나(I) + 는(topic particle)) +


쓸데없다 [sseul-tte-eop-tta] to be useless


ⒷⓉⓈ 다 쓸데없어
da sseul-de-eop-sseo
It’s good for nothing

*다 (all) +


[ssi] ah [*interjection]


ⒷⓉⓈ 아, 어깨 아퍼 씨
a eo-kkae a-peo ssi
Ah, my shoulder hurts

*아(Ah) +
어깨(shoulder) +
아퍼(hurt) +
(씨 isn’t just used for intersection, it’s also often used as a title, such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, after a first name, surname or full name. It is a polite title to use when addressing someone. It is similar to “Mr.” or “Ms.” in English. It is often used with a person’s surname, such as “김씨(Kim-ssi)” or “박씨(Park-ssi)”.)


[ssi] seed


ⒷⓉⓈ 뒤에선 호박씨 까는 거
dwi-e-seon ho-bak-ssi kka-neun geo
People talk shit behind your back

*뒤(behind) + 에선(at, from) +
호박(pumpkin) + 씨(seed) +
까는(까다(crack) + ㄴ(noun modifier) = 까는) + 거(thing, =것)
(*호박씨 깐다 (to peel the pumpkin seeds) means ‘to gossip about people behind their backs’.)


Grammar Reference

*Noun + ~은/는 : noun + topic particle
ex)기록은 : 기록(record) + 은(topic particle)
난 : 나(I) + 는(topic particle)
은 for nouns ending in a consonant, 는 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~이/가 : noun + subject particle
ex)싹수가 : 싹수(sprout) + 가(subject particle)
끝이 : 끝(end) + 이(subject particle)
이 for nouns ending in a consonant, 가 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~을/를 : noun + object particle
ex)가면을 : 가면(mask) + 을(object particle)
널 : 너(you) + 를(object particle)
을 for nouns ending in a consonant, 를 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + 이다 : to be
ex)싸움이지 : 싸움(fight) + 이지(to be, = 이다)
In some cases, nouns can be turned into verbs by simply adding the verb 이다(to be).

*Verb stem + ~아/어/여라(an imperative ending suffix)
ex)불태워라 : 불태우다(burn) + ~어라(an imperative ending suffix)
Imperative form is used when you want to make a request or command.
아/어/여라 is an imperative ending suffix.

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