Learn Korean with BTS #20 – 짜증, 짧다, 째다, 쩔다, 찍다, 찢다

Basic Korean words beginning with the consonant ㅉ([ssang-ji-eut], [jj] sound)


Let’s learn Korean words 짜증, 짧다, 째다, 쩔다, 찍다, 찢다 with BTS lyrics.
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Learn Korean with BTS


짜증 [jja-jeung] annoyance


ⒷⓉⓈ 짱나게 하지 마라 쫌 내 맘 바꾸기 전에
jjang-na-ge ha-ji ma-ra jjom nae mam ba-kku-gi jeo-ne
Don’t make me annoyed before I change my mind

*짱나게 하지 마라(짱나다(be annoyed) + ~게 하다(to make, to let) + ~지 마라 (don’t)) +
쫌(just a bit) +
내(나(I) + 의(of), =내) +
맘(heart, mind) +
바꾸기 전에 (바꾸다(change) + ~기 전에(before))
(*짱 is a shortened form of 짜증.
짱 is also a common Korean slang word meaning ‘best’, ‘top of the top’ or ‘super’.
Verb + ~기 전에 is used when the speaker wants to express something ‘before a certain time or action’).


짧다 [jjal-tta] to be short
짧게 [jjal-gge] briefly


ⒷⓉⓈ 아 짧게 하고 끝내자
a jjal-gge ha-go kkeut-nae-ja
Ah, let’s keep it short and finish

*아(Ah) +
짧게(briefly) +
하고(하다(do) + 고(and)) +
끝내자(끝내다(finish) + ~자(let’s))


째다 [jjae-da] to cut open


ⒷⓉⓈ 오늘도 호르몬과의 싸움 후 내 여드름을 째
o-neul-do ho-reu-mon-gwa-ui ssa-um hu nae yeo-deu-reum-eul jjae
After fighting my hormones again today, I’ll pop my pimple

*오늘(today) + 도(too) +
호르몬(hormone) + 과(with) + 의(of) +
싸움(fight) +
후(after) +
내(나(I) + 의(of), =내) +
여드름(acne) + 을(object particle) +


쩔다 [jjeol-da] to be very good, to be dope, to be sick


ⒷⓉⓈ 난 좀 쩔어
nan jom jjeo-reo
I’m kinda sick!

*난(나(I) + 는(topic particle), =난) +
좀(a bit) +
쩔어(to be awesome)


찍다 [jjik-tta] to take, to shoot


ⒷⓉⓈ 사진 좀 찍지 마라 내 입맛 떨어져
sa-jin jom jjik-jji ma-ra nae ip-mat tteo-reo-jyeo
Stop taking pictures. You’re making me lose my appetite

*사진(photo, picture) +
좀(a bit) +
찍지 마라(찍다(take) + ~지 마라 (don’t)) +
내(나(I) + 의(of), =내) +
입맛(입(mouth) + 맛(flavor) = appetite) +
떨어져(fall, drop)


찍다 [jjik-tta] to chop, to stamp


ⒷⓉⓈ 자꾸 이딴 식일 거면 계약서에 도장 찍자
ja-kku i-ttan si-gil geo-myeon gye-yak-seo-e do-jang jjik-jja
If you’ll keep being like this, let’s just sign a contract

*자꾸(continuously) +
이딴 식일 거면(이딴(this) + 식(way) + 이다(to be) +~ㄹ 거면(if), if you’re going to behave like this) +
계약서(contract) +에(at, on) +
도장(stamp) +
찍자(찍다(stamp) + ~자(let’s))


찢다 [jjit-tta] to tear, to rip


ⒷⓉⓈ 놀고 먹고 싶어 교복 찢고 싶어
nol-go meok-go si-peo gyo-bok jjit-ggo si-peo
I want to play and eat I want to tear my school uniform

*놀고(놀다(play) + 고(and)) +
먹고 싶어(먹다(eat) + ~고 싶다(want to)) +
교복(school uniform) +
찢고 싶어(찢다(tear) + ~고 싶다(want to))
(*~고 싶다 is used to express a speaker’s wishes).


Grammar Reference

*Noun + ~은/는 : noun + topic particle
ex)난 : 나(I) + 는(topic particle)
은 for nouns ending in a consonant, 는 for nouns ending in a vowel.

*Noun + ~의 : of
ex)내 : 나(I)+의(of)

*Noun + ~도 : also, too
ex)오늘도 : 오늘(today) + 도(too)

*Noun + ~에 : at[on, in, to, into]
ex)계약서에 : 계약서(contract) +에(at, on)

*Verb stem + ~지 마 (informal)/ ~지 마요/마세요 (formal) : don’t + verb
ex)찍지 마라 : 찍다(take) + ~지 마라 (don’t)

*Verb stem + ~ 고 싶다 : want to
ex)먹고 싶어 : 먹다(eat) + ~고 싶다(want to)
찢고 싶어 : 찢다(tear) + ~고 싶다(want to)
~고 싶다 is used to express a speaker’s wishes.


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BTS 쩔어

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