Learn Korean with BTS #31 – Korean Words Quiz #11 : Finding the right translation

Korean Words Quiz #11 : Finding the right translation


Please read and learn from the Learn Korean with BTS posts below and take this quiz to test your knowledge.

1 – Quick Guide to Hangul, Korean
2 – 가다, 걱정, 계속, 괜찮다, 기억, 길
3 – 나, 너, 노래, 누구, 눈, 느낌
4 – 다르다, 다시, 달, 돈, 두렵다, 듣다
5 – 라면, 랩, 레스토랑, 레슨, 로또, 리더
6 – 마음, 많이, 말하다, 매일, 모르다, 미치다
7 – 발, 밤, 별, 보다, 비, 빛
8 – 사람, 사랑, 생각, 세상, 손, 시간
9 – 알다, 오늘, 오다, 우리, 웃다, 원하다
10 – 잠, 좋다, 주다, 지금, 진짜, 집
11 – 차다, 찾다, 처음, 최고, 춤, 친구
12 – 카드, 칼, 커피, 코, 크다, 키스
13 – 타다, 탕진, 태양, 태어나다, 특별하다, 틀리다
14 – 평생, 포기하다, 표정, 푸르다, 피, 필요
15 – 하다, 하루, 함께, 항상, 행복, 힘
16 – 까맣다, 깨다, 꽃, 꿈, 끌어안다, 끝
17 – 땀, 때, 떠나다, 또, 뛰다, 뜨다
18 – 빨리, 빠지다, 빨갛다, 빵, 뻔하다, 뽀뽀
19 – 싸움, 싹, 쓰다, 쓰러지다, 쓸데없다, 씨
20 – 짜증, 짧다, 째다, 쩔다, 찍다, 찢다


Finding the right translation

1. 넌 나 없인 못 사니까
① keep walking, we’re too young to stop
② I can’t remember at all
③ Like a child who lost his way
④ Because you can’t live without me


2. 눈 떠
① Open your eyes
② Sing a song
③ Nothing special
④ Guys, come here


3. 오늘도 비가 내릴 것 같아
① Look here, don’t run away
② It looks like it’s going to rain again today.
③ You shine brighter than anyone else
④ There’s a thin light over there


4. 다시 기회를 줘
① You look even better after we broke up
② What I’m really wishing for is just you
③ Give me another chance
④ You’re in danger right now


5. 나 포기 안 할게
① I won’t give up
② Your expression became cold
③ Now let’s go to the blue sea
④ Blood, sweat and tears


6. 난 이 순간 행복해
① I only think of you always
② I’m happy in this moment
③ I’ll be your strength
④ Even in the light of day, even in the dark of night, you stay by my side.


7. 내게서 떠나 떠나줘
① I am the happiest when I meet you
② Get away from me
③ I don’t know you and you don’t know me
④ If you can’t fly, run


8. 자 떠나자 푸른 바다로
① Now let’s go to the blue sea
② Blood, sweat and tears
③ I don’t need a Like
④ I only think of you always


9. 머리부터 발끝까지 최고
① I’m still looking for myself
② The moment I first saw you
③ From your head to your toes, you’re the best
④ dance, dance, dance


10. 그러니 절대 너는 내 손을 놓지 마
① I’m sorry (I hate u) I love you (I hate u) Forgive me (shit)
② I don’t know if I have a lot of thoughts or no thoughts at all
③ The world thinks we own the whole world
④ So don’t ever let go of my hand


Quiz Answers

1-④, 2-①, 3-②, 4-③, 5-①
6-②, 7-②, 8-①, 9-③, 10-④

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