1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #99

Welcome back. This is the 99th post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “잃다, 끌다, 선, 맞추다, 싹” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 잃다, 끌다, 선, 맞추다, 싹


491. 잃다 [il-ta] – to lose

– 잃다 [il-ta] refers to the act of losing something, where you no longer have possession or control of it.

Example sentences:

나는 지갑을 잃어버렸어요. I lost my wallet.
(- 버리다 in “verb stem + 아/어/여 버리다” is an auxiliary verb used to indicate the completion of an action in the previous statement.)


492. 끌다 [kkeul-da] – to pull, to attract

– 끌다 [kkeul-da] means to pull something or to attract attention or interest towards something.

Example sentences:

그 노래는 사람들을 끌어들이는 거예요. That song attracts people.


493. 선 [seon] – line, mark

– 선 [seon] denotes a line or mark, often referring to a visible linear feature.

Example sentences:

그림의 선이 아주 예쁘네요. The lines in the picture are very pretty.


494. 맞추다 [mat-chu-da] – to hit, to match

– 맞추다 [mat-chu-da] involves actions like hitting a target or making things match or fit together.

Example sentences:

그림을 맞춰 보세요. Try to match the picture.


495. 싹 [ssak] – all, whole, entirely / sprout

– 싹 [ssak] has two meanings; it can refer to the whole of something or to a new growth, like a sprout.

Example sentences:

싹 다 비웠어요. I emptied it all.
봄에는 싹이 돋아나요. Sprouts grow in the spring.


Grammar & Study Resources

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Verbs are the most important part of most Korean sentences.
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