1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #84

Welcome back. This is the 84th post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “위, 지다, 월, 도대체, 평생” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 위, 지다, 월, 도대체, 평생


416. 위 [wi] – top, above / stomach

– 위 [wi] can mean “top” or “above”, as in a position higher than something else, and the opposite of 위 is “아래” [a-rae] (below).
– It can also mean “stomach” in a medical context.

Example sentences:

책상 위에 책이 있어요. There’s a book on top of the desk.
위암이 생기는 이유는 무엇인가요? Why does stomach cancer occur?


417. 지다 [ji-da] – to set, to sink / to lose

– 지다 [ji-da] means “to set, to sink” and is often used when the sun or another celestial body sets or sinks below the horizon.
– It can also refer to “to lose”, which is the opposite of “이기다” [i-gi-da] (to win).

Example sentences:

해가 지고 있어요. The sun is setting.


418. 월 [wol] – month

– 월 [wol] means “month” and is used to refer to any of the twelve months of the year.

Example sentences:

12월에는 크리스마스가 있어요. Christmas is in December.


419. 도대체 [do-dae-che] – at all, what on earth

– 도대체 [do-dae-che] is used to express frustration or confusion when asking about something. It’s similar to asking “what on earth” or “why on earth”.

Example sentences:

도대체 왜 그런 행동을 했어요? What on earth made you act like that?


420. 평생 [pyeong-saeng] – lifetime, all one’s life

– 평생 [pyeong-saeng] refers to the entire span of one’s life, from birth to death.

Example sentences:

그녀는 평생을 동안 이 지역에서 살았어요. She lived in this area all her life.


Grammar & Study Resources

Here is the list of months in Korean:

일월 [i-rwol] – January
이월 [i-wol] – February
삼월 [sa-mwol] – March
사월 [sa-wol] – April
오월 [o-wol] – May
유월 [yu-wol] – June
칠월 [chi-rwol] – July
팔월 [pa-rwol] – August
구월 [gu-wol] – September
시월 [si-wol] – October
십일월 [ship-i-rwol] – November
십이월 [ship-i-wol] – December

If you want to know the months in Korean, you can visit the following website.

Months in Korean – Complete List with Audio and Examples

If you have not yet learned the numbers in Korean, you can learn them on the following website. Learning the numbers will come in handy when you go to Korea or when you learn the language.

Korean Numbers – Step by Step Guide for Counting in Hangul

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