1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #83

Welcome back. This is the 83rd post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “경찰, 금방, 열심히, 도망, 꽃” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 경찰, 금방, 열심히, 도망, 꽃


411. 경찰 [gyeong-chal] – police

– 경찰 [gyeong-chal] means “police” who prevent crime and maintain social safety.
– 경찰서 [gyeong-chal-seo] means “police station” and 경찰관 [gyeong-chal-gwan] means “police officer”.

Example sentences:

경찰이 도움을 주었어요. The police helped.
물건을 도난당해서 경찰서에 신고했어요. My things were stolen, so I reported it at the police station.
경찰관이 도와주셨어요. The police officer helped me.


412. 금방 [geum-bang] – soon, shortly

– 금방 [geum-bang] means something will happen soon. Think of it as happening soon or in a little while.

Example sentences:

금방 돌아올게요. I’ll be back soon.


413. 열심히 [yeol-sim-hi] – diligently, earnestly

– 열심히 [yeol-sim-hi] means to do something with great effort and seriousness.

Example sentences:

그는 항상 열심히 일해요. He always works diligently.


414. 도망 [do-mang] – escape

– 도망 [do-mang] means to leave quickly to avoid danger or trouble.
– 도망가다 [do-mang-ga-da] and 도망치다 [do-mang-chi-da] means to flee.

Example sentences:

그는 도망을 치려고 했어요. He tried to escape.
그는 경찰을 피해 도망갔어요. He escaped from the police.
그는 도망치는 중이었어요. He was escaping.


415. 꽃 [kkot] – flower

– 꽃 [kkot] means “flower” which refers to the pretty and fragrant part of a plant.

Example sentences:

정원에 아름다운 꽃이 피었어요. Beautiful flowers bloomed in the garden.

Grammar & Study Resources

The most common Korean particles are listed below.
Subject particle: 이 / 가
Topic particle: 은 / 는
Object particle: 을 / 를
이, 은, 을 for nouns ending with a consonant, 가, 는, 를 for nouns ending with a vowel.

이/가 은/는 을/를
경찰 경찰이 경찰은 경찰을
도망 도망이 도망은 도망을
꽃이 꽃은 꽃을

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