1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #89

Welcome back. This is the 89th post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “미리, 걸다, 난리, 속다, 춥다” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 미리, 걸다, 난리, 속다, 춥다


441. 미리 [mi-ri] – in advance, beforehand

– 미리 [mi-ri] means to do something before a certain time or event, in advance or before.

Example sentences:

모임이 시작하기 전에 미리 알려주세요. Please let me know in advance before the meeting starts.


442. 걸다 [geol-da] – to hang, to put on

– 걸다 [geol-da] means to hang something or to put something on a surface.

Example sentences:

그림을 벽에 걸어 놓았어요. I hung the picture on the wall.


443. 난리 [nan-ri] – commotion, uproar

– 난리 [nan-ri] refers to a situation of commotion, uproar, or chaos.

Example sentences:

도로 공사 때문에 동네가 난리예요. The neighborhood is in an uproar due to road construction.


444. 속다 [sok-tta] – to be deceived, to be tricked

– 속다 [sok-tta] is an intransitive verb meaning “to be deceived, to be cheated”, while 속이다 [so-ki-da] is a transitive verb meaning “to deceive or cheat”.

Example sentences:

속지 마세요. Don’t be fooled.
그 사람은 나를 속여 돈을 빼앗았어요. That person deceived me and took my money.


445. 춥다 [chup-da] – to be cold

– 춥다 [chup-da] means to be cold, referring to the low temperature of the environment.

Example sentences:

오늘 날씨가 정말 추워요. The weather is very cold today.


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