1000 Korean words for everyday use – Basic vocabulary from K-dramas #92

Welcome back. This is the 92nd post in the series of 1000 Korean words for everyday use by analyzing the word frequency of more than 1,000 episodes of Korean dramas.

Today, let’s explore the meaning and context of 5 key Korean words “비밀, 꼴, 까다, 생일, 요일” with sample sentences.
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Basic Korean words : 비밀, 꼴, 까다, 생일, 요일


456. 비밀 [bi-mil] – secret

– 비밀 [bi-mil] refers to information that is deliberately hidden from others and is not meant to be shared openly.

Example sentences:

비밀을 말해도 돼요? Can I tell you a secret?


457. 꼴 [kkol] – look, appearance

– 꼴 [kkol] describes the visual characteristics or outward features of something or someone, often used informally to comment on someone’s appearance.
– 꼴값하다 [kkol-gap-ha-da] is slang for “saying or doing something that matches one’s appearance” or “acting out of place”.

Example sentences:

그 남자의 꼴이 어떻게 될지 궁금해요. I’m curious to see what that man will look like.


458. 까다 [kka-da] – to peel, to dig / to criticize

– 까다 [kka-da] can mean to remove the outer layer or covering of something, as in peeling the skin of a fruit or digging in the ground.
– It can also mean to criticize something or someone.

Example sentences:

감자 껍질을 까주세요. Please peel the potato skins.


459. 생일 [saeng-il] – birthday

– 생일 [saeng-il] denotes the anniversary of a person’s birth and is usually celebrated with special activities, gifts and gatherings.

Example sentences:

오늘은 제 생일이에요! Today is my birthday!


460. 요일 [yo-il] – day of the week

– 요일 [yo-il] refers to the individual days that make up a week, while 일주일 [il-ju-il] refers to the entire seven-day period.
– Each day of the week has its own name in Korean:
월요일 [wol-yo-il] – Monday / 화요일 [hwa-yo-il] – Tuesday / 수요일 [su-yo-il] – Wednesday / 목요일 [mok-yo-il] – Thursday / 금요일 [geum-yo-il] – Friday / 토요일 [to-yo-il] – Saturday / 일요일 [il-yo-il] – Sunday.

Example sentences:

무슨 요일에 만날까요? What day of the week should we meet?
일주일에 한 번 운동하려고 해요. I try to exercise once a week.
월요일에 회의가 있어. We have a meeting on Monday.
화요일은 빈둥빈둥한 날이에요. Tuesday is a relaxed day.
수요일에는 항상 바쁘게 보내요. I’m always busy on Wednesdays.
목요일은 보통 내가 운동하는 날이에요. I usually train on Thursdays.
금요일에는 친구들과 만나기로 했어. I decided to meet some friends on Friday.
토요일에는 영화를 보러 갈 거예요. I’m going to see a film on Saturday.
일요일에는 가족과 함께 저녁을 먹어요. On Sundays, I have dinner with my family.


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